Kissing the Gunner’s Daughter / Salty Sea Dogs Parade


Here are some pics of the St Lukes Salty Sea Dogs Parade, part of Grist to the Mill’s Kissing the Gunner’s Daughter commissioned for Dip your Toe.

A passing parent’s comment made my day: ‘Is that an original Edwardian bathing machine? Are you going to renovate it for the Brighton Festival?’
Ho ho! The machine was freshly back from a transformation in paint and barnacles from Paul Harrison, brief to make the machine look like it had just been dragged from the sea. Mission accomplished! Nice one Paul.

The sun shone, the children paraded beautifully and peeped magnificently. Its quite creepy inside the machine with all those little eyes spying in!

The children also made wonderful cardboard peep-boxes which will be on display in the back of the Fishing Museum during week-end in May.

More children’s work at Kissing the Gunner’s Daughter blog

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About Grist to the Mill

A visual artist crossing forms of installation, puppetry and performance. Director of Grist to the Mill. Resident puppet company at Nuffield Theatre, Southampton. Regular contributor to Animations Online Magazine. Recurring Themes: Time, deteriation, death, cycles, truth, realness, essences Extraordinary within the ordinary Emotions, pathos, wit and humour Innerworlds, dreams, shadows Edges of beauty and horror and exploiting Fairy Tale images with all the rich layers of meaning they carry
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