Pink Fringe Picnic, Brighton Pride 2012

The Dip Your Toe bathing machines came out at the Pink Fringe Picnic for Brighton pride 2012. The six machines hosted and gave a backdrop to performances and activities taking place in New Steine Gardens on the Sunday of Pride. This super fun day out was part of a series of queer cultural events programmed by Pink Fringe alongside the Pride celebrations across the city.

The legendary Bette Bourne performed extracts from Tim Fountain’s play Resident Alien,  based on the life and writings of Quentin Crisp, which Bette starred in at the Bush Theatre and in the play’s subsequent sell-out tours. 

Artist and life-model Kate Shields gave picnic attenders the chance to draw (fully-clothed) models in her Regency Life Drawing class.

The Terrible Shaman, brainchild of Inconvenient Spoof roamed freely around their bathing machine home, and made friends with audiences and (fairly surprised) passers by.

Boogaloo Stu brought back his wonderful interactive craft performance, Puppet Paramour. Once again audiences had the chance to create their real or ideal life-partner in sock puppet form.

And with songs from Lorraine Bowen, Mariana Harlotta’s Perfect Pop-Opera, Timberlina’s Drag Up Your Molly Spoon and chances to get involved  in interactive performances all afternoon, everybody had a grand old time!




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